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PILOT REVIEW: Brave New World

  • Brave New World
  • “Pilot”
  • NBC
  • By Peter Tolan (Rescue Me)
  • Grade: C

For some reason, Brave New World has attracted an oddly large amount of interest from people around the industry. And really? I don’t get it. Besides a few laughs here or there, there’s nothing about this script that’s remotely interesting beyond its concept, relying on cheap gags and tired jokes to drive comedy. And while it might fit into NBC’s workplace comedy line-up, it doesn’t make a splash in the same way that Alpha Mom does.

Brave New World‘s concept seems interesting enough: it’s a workplace comedy taking place in a 1637 Pilgrim village. There are a few good laughs from the premise, too. They need a new Indian, one of the cast members is constantly in character, and our protagonist Matt (Nick Braun, Red State) gets locked up in the stocks for using his cellphone by his ineffective boss, Dick (Ed Begley Jr., St. Elsewhere).

But even those jokes don’t go over flawlessly. Add bull sex, a few inappropriately placed gay jokes, a hypochondriac receptionist, and even some piss jokes and things starts to fall apart. I’m all for lewd humor when it’s done correctly, but it’s oddly placed when the concept itself should be ripe for inspiration. The entire time, I kept thinking of Outsourced and the dumb jokes from the first few episodes that were nothing more than a guy named “man meat” humor and a Pussycatdolls reference. It’s likely that Brave New World has a shot as a series, so we’ll most likely see where the series is going – hopefully not the way of Outsourced.


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