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The Voice: Blind Audition, Week 2 Review

After last week’s premiere, I texted every person I knew who I thought might be remotely interested in The Voice, pleading them to watch NBC’s last try this season for an actual success. We all remember how The Marriage Ref and The Singing Bee started strong and fell to the wayside, right? But The Voice grew in its second week with a 5.6 in the 18-49, NBC seems to have a bonafide hit. I’m genuinely interested in the actual message of the show – that it’s not about a person’s look or act, but how they’d sound on the radio. Is this naïve of me? Maybe. It’s still reality television, after all. And even after a less than perfect second round of blind auditions, I’m still giddy for what’s to come.

One of the biggest issues with this week’s episode was that there wasn’t anyone nearly as haunting as Robecca Loebe, or as surprising as Xenia. Even superstar in the making Javier Colon hasn’t been topped on iTunes. Yet the ending, bringing back those who were passed up, was extremely gratifying, especially for artists we had seen before. Lily Elise’s “If I Ain’t Got You” might have started shaky, but girl nailed it by the chorus. Team Xtina also scored up Julia Eason, whose “Mercy” was one of the most soulful performances during the night.

Unfortunately, many promising performances were skipped, probably because there wasn’t a reality television-friendly sob story to complement their audition. And some of the auditions, like Dia Frampton’s “Bubbly” and Raquel Castro’s nasally “Bleeding Love,” shouldn’t have made it past the first round.

The Voice is still one of the most promising reality television shows from this development cycle because it’s so god damn positive. Everything about it screams “we want to help you.” The fact that the coaches also feel so strongly about this message (or appear to) is a huge win. But can we please get rid of Christina? I also think I’ve perfected the Christina celebration pose: put your hands in the air, palms flared, mouth agape, and wave your chest like you just don’t care. Case in point:

Grade: B


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