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Alpha Mom
By Emily Spivey (Saturday Night Live)
Grade: B+

It’s no secret that Alpha Mom (formally the Untitled Emily Spivey Project) has the most promising sitcom cast for NBC this season. Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph are all exceptional comedic actors, and there’s no question that they could take any mediocre script and make it watchable. But this is Emily Spivey – an up-and-coming female comedy writer whose style of humor fits in perfectly with the critically acclaimed (and low rated) NBC sitcom standard.

In Alpha Mom, Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?) plays Reagan, a work-centered mother who leaves her new born baby with her stay-at-home husband, Will (Will Arnett, Arrested Development). Reagan is joined by her co-workers: the jealous and ditzy Katie (Maya Rudolph, Saturday Night Live) and the hopeless Brian (James Pumphrey, Players).

Out of all the sitcom pilots, Alpha Mom easily has the most promise. Spivey’s script isn’t just witty, it’s also conscious of Reagan’s pointless advertising job and the trivialities that young couples face after their first child. And since Alpha Mom is a lock for series-pickup, it’ll be absolutely worth checking out.


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