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The Office: Goodbye, Michael Scott

I had a roommate in college who watched every episode of The Office, I’d say, 20 times. I know this because when I would try to persuade him to go outside, to go to class, or to become vertical he would turn me down in favor of watching The Office (or Law and Order). So I asked him for some quotes for my Goodbye, Michael Scott post and what he gave me was a poignant review of the episode. Obviously, I took the easy way out. Here are Blair Ward’s thoughts on The Office:

To be honest, going into tonight’s ‘Goodbye, Michael’ episode of The Office, I was expecting an over-produced, tear-jerking montage – and was seriously looking forward to it.  There’s no argument to be made that The Office is not a comedy – and yet when the writers want to pull on the dedicated fan’s heart strings, they know exactly how to do it.  Most, if not all, of these moments have revolved around Jim and Pam – when Jim breaks up with Karen and interrupts Pam to ask her on a date; their Wedding montage cutting between the full-cast dance routine and the Halpert’s wedding on the Niagra Falls tour boat; When Pam turns to Jim in the garage converted art studio of Jim’s parents’ house and says “I love it – you bought me a house!”; Jim’s speechless reaction to the comic book Pam makes him as a gift – just to name a few.  And after the cast’s Michael Scott themed rendition of ‘Seasons of Love’, I was expecting, and hoping for, something along the same lines as a final goodbye to Steve Carell.  Instead, we got almost the exact opposite – and I couldn’t be more satisfied. 

I have always been a man who appreciates and utilizes the ‘Irish Goodbye’ – that is, slipping out the side without the social formalities of wishing everyone farewell.  And I recognize the fact that when something as monumental as Michael Scott’s last moment at Dunder Mifflin is upon you, there is no need for production and show stopping tricks to emphasize the importance and sentiment. 

Steve Carell’s performance, as if there was any doubt, was flawless.  His ability to portray the complex web of emotions that someone in Michael Scott’s position would be experiencing was astonishing – showcased best in the mood swing witnessed in Michael as soon as Holly answered his frantic phone call.  Watching Michael Scott’s eyes well with tears that were nothing but genuine, the audience truly witnessed a man turning the page to a new chapter in his life. 

Steve Carell’s time at The Office came full circle, as we witnessed Michael show off the Dundee trophy that loyal viewers have seen pushed to the perfect spot on his desk hundreds of times.  And as if it were our turn on Michael’s goodbye list, his removal of audio equipment and one last “that’s what she said” is all the audience was given before Michael walked away from the camera for good. 

There will be no replacing what Steve Carell brought to The Office each and every episode, only substituting.  Michael Scott will be missed, and certainly never forgotten – World’s Best Boss.”

Perfectly said.

Looking ahead to the rest of the season and the future of The Office, some observations:

-Deangelo Vickers got this job because he rescued a puppy? Seems the writers are letting Will Farrell play a character who is bad at his job, obnoxious, and sexist. So much for Will doing something original. I did like some of the “fight with obesity” moments.

-Andy Benard growing a set and becoming a decent salesman? Whoa now. Loved the scene and the fact NBC teased in previews that he might make a play to become the new boss. At least we can cross one name off the list because that’s never happening.

-Is it tradition to play paintball on your last day of work? Ari Gold? Michael Scott? Great minds think alike.

-The scene between Jim and Michael was touching. I have had enough “goodbye” moments in my life when nothing really needs to be said and a simple stare can say more than a million words. Was that the first emotional Jim “shrug” of the show?

-People do like the guy who brings in gum.

-Jim Carey as the new boss? No. Will Arnett? Yes.

Lets all say a prayer that The Office does not go the way of That 70’s Show or Scrubs.


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