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Tyler’s thoughts on this week’s Fringe…

Fringe (TV series)

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NOTE: Both John and I love Fringe. We love Fringe so much, that we’re both going to offer our thoughts on the episode! Go Fringe, go!

Fringe: First of all, I almost refused to grade this episode. The producers have called this episode and the two that follow part of a third-pronged finale. How is it possible to give a letter grade to an episode that is dependent upon the following two hours? Yet it still helps if I provide a letter grade to my favorite show on television.

Like John, I am also a fan of Lost. However, I marathoned Lost well after the series concluded. I never had to wait to gratifying conclusions weeks later, because the next episode was always a click away. In that sense, Fringe is entirely different than Lost: I have to wait each week for answers. And while Fringe is a fundamentally different show than Lost (Fringe is, at its heart, more procedural), both boast alluring mythology that demand exploration.

Fringe‘s mythology primarily deals with the following phenomena: Alternate Universe, Blight, Amber, Observers, Sam Weiss, The First People, and the Wave Sink Device. Up until now, only the alternate universe has been fully explored and Blight and Amber have only been seen Over There. Only now are we starting to fully see how Sam, the First People and the Wave Sink Device fit into the overall fabric (I doubt we’ll get a true answer on the Observers until the final season).

Most of the relationships in this episode also focused on sons: Walternate, Fauxlivia, and Walter. Yet one (Walter) is much more conflicted about this decision, even asking for spiritual guidance. Is there a difference in his relationship with Peter? Perhaps. Yet in the end, Walter is willing to let Peter go for the common good, even if it pains him to do so. (of course, this doesn’t work. Now what?).

Much of last night’s action is dependent on more intimate knowledge with previous events. During the first teaser, a group of sheep go missing in a huge vortex. Remember, sheep are extinct in the other universe. And Walter’s quote? That’s from The Firefly after the Observer test. We’re at a point where there’s no going back; Fringe won’t be getting any new fans from here on out. Instead of attempting to court new fans through more procedural episode, all the chips are in. You want to be a Fringe fan? You better buy the DVDs and catch up.

Can we trust Sam Weiss? What does the Wave Sink Device truly do? Can only one universe survive? I expect we’ll soon be able to answer these questions. We can only now wait for the next two weeks until the finale ends in earnest.

Grade: A-


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