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Thoughts on Fringe…6:02 am EST

Disclaimer: 1) I am a big fan of Lost. 2) I am critical fan of Lost.

Fringe took two steps tonight: one forward and one sideways. Fringe has a deep mythology, which should not surprise any fan of Lost, but does a much better job creating self-contained episodes than its island based predecessor. However, tonight’s episode cut out all of the X-Files type filler and focused squarely on the Mystery Machine that loves Peter Bishop. This machine acts as super convenient plot device that links the two universes together and creates a very simple countdown: whoever can figure out the Bishop connection wins.  Tonight it seems that The Other Side won.

I was surprised when the machine blew Peter half way across the room and left him comatose. I think Fringe has always done a good job with sleight of hand: having us focus on a particular plot line only to pull it out from underneath us. That leads us to the Jacob of Fringe, Sam Weiss. He has always been some sort of 3rd party character who reigns over much of the inter-universe dynamic of Fringe. Tonight he came to the surface and will be the focal point of the rest of the season. He wrote the “First People” novels and will ultimately decide the fate of both worlds.

The show took a step forward in a Lost-esque way in that it slowly pulled back the curtain on world we still don’t understand. It took a step SIDEWAYS in that, like Lost, it presented more questions than answers and left us with another familiar scene: an Olivia trapped in a cage. Maybe that is the theme of the entire show. Either way, I’m locked in and challenge anyone else to find me a show that has done such a superb job balancing geeky plot lines with character development.

Lingering Thoughts:

Who is Sam Wiess? Who are the First People? My guess is that Sam Weiss is a defected Observer.

Is Peter Bishop the key or just a ploy for the Observer to set things right? I hope it’s the Observer.

Why bother with the Alt-Livia plot line? Are they setting her up for a redemption story? Does Peter get to cross off the sisters/twins/threesome category all at once? Yerp, you can guess my choice.

In the scene with Walter in the church, I was waiting for the shot to pan down to our favorite bald Observer. They have been god-like figures in this show before and Walter has never once been concerned with God’s repercussions.


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