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Let’s Make a Network Schedule! the CW 2011-2012 Edition

The CW (2)

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Today on Let’s Make a Network Schedule, we handle the smallest (and poorest) of the 5 major English broadcasters: the CW. While their target audience is women 18-34, they fail to dominate even in that category. It’s been a hard road for the network, with their flagship The Vampire Diaries falling to levels that about equal older, WB-inherited shows such as Supernatural and Smallville. It’s also the last year of Dawn Ostroff’s reign, currently the longest-serving president of a broadcast network (she was president of UPN before the CW existed). Next year might shake things up, but this development season looks to provide more of the same (aka Lifetime for a younger generation).


8pm – 90210
9pm – Gossip Girl

I don’t like this schedule, but because the CW cannot afford to cancel everything, I think the network is forced to keep these two around for at least another year. If the network finds another breakout hit akin to The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl should graciously bow out after being the first fully CW show to reach 100 episodes. I would also expect that the network will sign some sort of a syndication deal in the near future, maybe with Teen Nick.


8pm – One Tree Hill

Again, I’m not a fan of this schedule, but it’s what the network has to work with, I guess. I’d expect that One Tree Hill is on its last legs, and Hellcats has been performing horrendously. Yet One Tree Hill could be a good lead-in to the supernatural legal drama, Heavenly. The heads of the network likes the show, and Tuesday has been a sore spot in the CW’s schedule for some time.


8pm – America’s Next Top Model

Yeesh. While the post America’s Next Top Model slot has been doomed to fail, Rachel Bilson is a recognizable star to the 18-34 age group that the CW attracts. Hart of Dixie could provide a good balance there.


8pm – The Vampire Diaries

The Secret Circle is a much better thematic link with its lead-in than Nikita was.


8pm – Supernatural
9pm – Nikita

Supernatural doesn’t have to compete against Fringe anymore, and Nikita gets more room to itself. And unlike other networks, the CW thrives (comparably) on genre-centered Fridays.


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