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Thoughts on The Office…

Let me put it out there right now: I am not a fan of Will Farrell’s character, DeAngelo Vickers. Basically his only role on the show is to act as a bridge to the next boss. Will cannot play the straight man and really shouldn’t be paired against Carrell considering they both have made careers playing almost the same role.

But after you suffer through the first 2/3s of the episode, which is summarized in the title “Michael’s Last Dundies”, the Office drops some perfection on ya. For Michael Scott, a character that has craved attention and embraced the dramatic, what else could be better than his staff serenading him with a riff of  “Seasons of Love” from Rent, in which they list the hours Michael has worked for the company and the silly things he has done.

Again, the show has a good sense of its purpose and know the proper way to say goodbye to a beloved character.

B for the show

A+ for its handling of Michael Scott.


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