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Thoughts on last night’s Modern Family

Note: I will be adding thoughts on last night’s Breaking In as well. I’m only try to review shows now that I think have a shot at renewal, as not to get too attached. I know, sad. Sorry, Happy Endings.

Modern Family: In classic Modern family form, the show takes a classic sitcom trope (“where will our children go when we’re gone?!”) and, miraculously, makes it seem fresh and new. I blame Gloria. In this week’s episode, Cam and Michell must decide what family will take Lily in the tragic circumstances that both Cam and Mitch die. Of course, it isn’t going to be the Dunphys, and Mitch is dead-set against Lily being sent to Cam’s family in “Missoura.” What works here is Gloria’s gleeful insistence that she will one day get Lily, Cam’s melodramatic depiction of events (“She drilled holes in our baby’s head!”), and a wonderfully choreographed scene at the Dunphy’s house. There’s a lot to love. Including Luke. I love Luke.

Grade: A-


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