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Deadline’s Primetime Pilot Buzz

Upfront season: the most frantic time of the year for those within the television industry. The wonderful Nellie Andreeva has posted some very early buzz on what pilots are starting to look good for the fall. Some of the more interesting tidbits:

  • Fox looks to only pick up two drama pilots (as expected), however there was nothing said about Ethan Hawke’s Exit Strategy. Odd. Nellie did mention that she just didn’t have enough info on everything, but it was one of the more notable omissions (same with 17th Precinct, Wonder Woman, and Ringer). No surprise on which drama pilots are in contention, either: Touch was gold from the words “Kiefer Sutherland,” as was Alcatraz. I’m glad that Locke & Key might get passed (the script wasn’t too interesting).
  • Looks like Zooey Deschanel’s The New Girl is a “shoe-in.” Good. And now both Deschanel sisters will be on Fox.
  • Chuck might live because NBC can’t cancel everything. I’d expect SVU, Harry’s Law, and Parenthood to make the cut (finale of Parenthood did a 2.5 last night). Smash has a sellable premise and great casting, so no wonder that’s a stand out.
  • Pan Am is “gorgeous.” Really? Surprised at such a strong reaction to that one, but we’ll see.
  • I get physically sick every-time I hear the description for Cooper & Stone. “Drama about two pop culture savvy detectives working in Chicago’s northside precinct.” Stop.

2 Responses

  1. Little addition to this list, not sure if you mentioned it, but HBO has picked up “Veep” which is a pilot starring Julia-Louis Dreyfus as a newly elected Vice President who finds out that the job isn’t so easy. Needless to say, comedy ensues.

    The show centers around the main character discovering the job isn’t so easy (sounds like a hypothetical Sarah Palin election) and who better than Julia to play comedic confusion and desperation. Should hold some promise since Julia proved that she can break the “Seinfeld Curse” with the New Adventures of Old Christine

  2. Sad about Locke & key to be honest. I read the comic series and thought it was really good, though FOX would probably be smart if they didn’t pick it up, because I don’t think it would do better than Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse or Fringe.

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