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Quality Television Alert: The Killing premieres this Sunday on AMC

After premiering the stunning Mad Men and Breaking Bad, AMC has solidified itself as a network that believes in artistic quality of its television series. Yes, Rubicon was hit-or-miss. And yes, The Walking Dead didn’t necessarily live up to its insurmountable expectations. But all of their original series have pushed originality, innovation and large, overarching storylines. And that’s just one of the reasons why The Killing is so fantastic.

Never mind that the buzz is that it’s the best AMC show since Breaking Bad. The Killing is a winner because of its unique formula for telling the story of one investigation and developing the characters that the eponymous murder affects. Instead of having one murder that is introduced and solved within one episode, The Killing takes one murder and spreads it over an entire 13-episode season, with each episode being a different day within the case. Not only does this rid us of deus ex machina clues that populate other crime procedurals, but it allows for a more realistic depiction of the entire murder. It allows the audience to see the family of the deceased as more than just characters-of-the-week. The writing is fantastic, creating believable people whose motives are both understandable and occasionally damning. While they overarching narrative centers on the actual murder, the story is largely driven by its shockingly human characters. It’s similar to Mad Men in that regard; few are truly innocent, everyone has secrets, but everyone interacts so beautifully that it appears to transcend the medium. Not to mention it stars Mireille Enos of Big Love.

I’ll have a full review up on Monday of the two-hour premiere. If you think television has the ability to be as artistic and thought-provoking as film, you owe it to yourself to watch The Killing. Watch the teaser trailer below:

The Killing premieres on Sunday, April 3rd at 9pm only on AMC.


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