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AMC dates Mad Men Season 5 for 2012, but…

Bye Bye Mad Men (It's going to Sky)

Image by mrrobertwade (wadey) via Flickr

AMC officially dated the 5th season of Mad Men for early 2012, but there are some caveats.

First, no one is sure if creator Matthew Weiner is on board. His contract hit a snag after making significant headway with AMC and Lionsgate television. They’ve settled on a salary ($30 million, the highest of any cable showrunner) but there are three creative aspects of the deal that Weiner is not signing onto:

  1. Integration of product placement
  2. Cutting each episode by 2 minutes to allow for more commercials
  3. Cutting some regulars in order to save money

My advice: take the 2 minute cut, stay steadfast on the other points. Cutting an episode by 2 minutes when Mad Men is already one of the longer shows on basic cable shouldn’t affect the show’s artistic integrity. Integrating product placement and demoting regulars most certainly would.

If Weiner ultimately decides not to act as showrunner during the show’s 5th season, it’s unclear what the affect will be on the cast. Christina Hendricks has already booked a film because of the current hiatus.


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