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Let’s Make A Network Schedule! NBC 2011-2012 Edition

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After Marc Berman posted some, frankly, embarrassing guesses on network schedules next year, I began to contemplate what an actual schedule would look like at this point in time. This will be based on the buzz surrounding certain pilots along with my own renewal estimates. Think of it like bracketology for television aficionados.

Though NBC might wish it could, there is no way it can cancel everything. However, this is also KabletownComcast and Robert Greenblatt’s first year in charge; industry insiders are hopeful for a gradual Renaissance at the peacock. Regardless, it’ll take years, if not more, for NBC to climb back its former glory. Don’t expect sudden changes this fall.

Sunday (with out Football):

8 – Dateline NBC
9 – The Sing-Off
10 – SMASH

Midseason: The Voice

Without Football, NBC’s lineup clearly needs help. I’m wary of putting Smash at 10pm, but it fits bets with The Sing-Off as a lead-in.

8 – Parenthood
10 – Harry’s Law

Midseason: R.E.M.

NBC’s weakest night. At this point, I think Chuck will get the boot. It’s just not cost-effective any longer for NBC. Parenthood fits at 8 and has been a relatively stable performer at 10. Wonder Woman would beef up Monday night considerably and give a solid lead-in to Harry’s Law. Of course it would be competing with House, Dancing With the Stars and CBS’s comedy night. House has seen a dramatic downtic in its ratings and CBS’s comedy block is in jeopardy without its anchor.

R.E.M. is another pilot with considerable buzz. Because of its tough concept, it might fit well on Mondays if Wonder Woman proves to be a successful lead-in.


8 – The Biggest Loser
10 – Law & Order: Los Angeles

I agree with Berman that in any other situation, I would trim The Biggest Loser to one hour. Unfortunately, NBC doesn’t have that luxury. Though there’s been no word on LOLA, I’d say it’ll come back. 10pm is also better for Law & Order in general.


8 – 17th PRECICNT
9 – S.I.L.A.
10 – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Midseason: PLAYBOY

I was going to put S.I.L.A. at 8, but I don’t think that it would fit there. 17th Precinct brings in Ron Moore’s loyal fanbase, and advertising from NBC’s strong Tuesdays should help both. Launching two new shows right after each other is risky, but it’s been done successfully before (NCIS:LA and The Good Wife). Again, Law & Order goes at 10pm.

Playboy fits in with the more mature feeling for the night and would be a good companion to the more successful of 17th Precinct or S.I.L.A.


8:30 – Parks & Recreation
9 – The Office

Midseason: Community, 30 Rock

Lorne Michaels, Chirstina Applegate and Maya Rudolph make the pickup of Untitled Emily Spivey Project almost a sure thing. NBC is also going to get rid of its failed 3 hour comedy block. Dramady A Mann’s World is also the best fit afterward. Parks & Recreation has proven it has a loyal fanbase, so moving it before The Office shouldn’t affect it too much. Better to use NBC’s most lucrative lead-in for a new show. Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea is a solid anchor for the night with a popular name attached to the project. Though for the life of me, I can’t figure out why people find Chelsea Handler humorous. Still, do I have a Nielsen box?

Community‘s small-but-loyal fanbase means that it can be inserted at midseason without a significant loss in viewership. Same with 30 Rock.


8 – Who Do You Think You Are?
10 – Dateline NBC

Cost-effective night. If NBC does well next year, they can come back and try again. Really.

Cancel: Outlaw, Chase, The Event, The Cape, Chuck, America’s Next Great Restaurant, Perfect Couples, School Pride, Undercovers, The Marriage Ref, Minute to Win It

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!


One Response

  1. I don’t like removing Chuck! I could see it potentially working on a Fri since it does have a loyal fanbase.

    I see Office/Parks and Rec as the NBC 1-2 punch at 9-9:30 kind of keeps people on the channel, if they are both good, would do a new show at 8:30 and Community at 8

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