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TONS of TV news: SyFy, Paul Reiser, Southland and more!

Screenwriter Matthew Weiner

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WordPress was down yesterday. To coincide with its downtime, the television world decide to unleash a torrent of news yesterday. Here’s the round-up:

  • SyFy is now airing more original content than ever before. With its pickup of series Alphas, the NBCU cable network is now launching four scripted dramas in the same month. They’ve also picked up a slew of movies, including Jersey Shore Shark Attack. I, for one, welcome our new guido-shark overlords.
  • NBC has finally scheduled The Paul Reiser Show. The sitcom will premiere Thursday, April 14th at 8:30, taking the place of the low-rated and critically-panned Perfect Couples. The only two shows that NBC has yet to schedule are Friends With Benefits and anthology Love Bites. Because of production difficulties with the latter, it’s unlikely that it will ever hit the airways.
  • TNT has picked up the fantasticSouthland for a 4th season, along with picking up pilot Perception to series. Southland could be described as a “comeback kid” of television series: first launched by NBC, the network surprisingly picked up the low-rated show for a truncated second season. But after NBC decided to scrap all 10pm content in favor of Leno, the peacock canceled Southland before an episode of its second season ever aired because its content was deemed too inappropriate for 9pm. TNT then picked up the 6 episodes produced for NBC (Warner Bros. Television produces the show). Its third season recently ended.
  • IFC has renewed the Onion News Network for a second season. This follows the renewals of both Portlandia and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret for second seasons.
  • AMC is finally reaching a deal with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. The two parties are – slowly – coming to a financial agreement. Weiner is reported to want a heftier contract. This dance happened before Mad Men‘s fourth season as well, though not for this long. Expect the fifth season to air something later this year.

Overall, yesterday was a great day for quality, scripted television. You go, cable.


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