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Monday Primetime: What to Watch?

Definitely Applicable... Right? Right?!

You’re sitting at home. You’re bored. It’s time for primetime television. But you’re confused… what do you watch? Thankfully, I’ve got a handy guide for what to watch on Mondays in order to maximize enjoyment. You can thank me later.

8pm – House. While House may have run its course over its seven seasons, it still provides decent entertainment (at worst) and some really interesting examinations into the mind of Dr. Gregory House. This is also generally the weakest house of the night. (DVR: Chuck. Why? Because if I don’t mention Chuck there will somehow be hate mail).

9pm – The Chicago Code. If you missed my five reasons to watch The Chicago Code, read them. Live them. Learn them. Love them. (DVR: Being Human. This British remake still hasn’t found its own voice, but shows considerable promise. Con: It has vampires).

10pm – Castle. Beyond my man-crush on Nathan Fillion, Castle is a fun romp that’s considerably less serious (and more ABC) than the previous hours’ The Chicago Code. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because the Castle/Beckett banter is too good to pass up. (DVR: Hawaii Five-0. Really for no other reasons than to look at Hawaii every Monday night).


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