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When my favorite shows get killed by Nielsen, I usually can rationalize it in some way. Arrested Development was too smart. Dollhouse‘s concept was too weird. Reaper wasn’t a fit for the CW’s audience. I get it — my viewing habits don’t really line up with mainline America.

But The Chicago Code? Are you kidding me, America?

  1. It’s a cop show – There aren’t any aliens, robots or other genre-type elements (yet). It’s America’s favorite genre: the cop show. Good guys killing bad guys (sort of, in this case). Creator Shawn Ryan takes this tired genre and injects his own (masterful) storytelling to focus on the cops over the crimes and also used more serialized storytelling. Instead of fighting against Thug #4, these cops are going after what is at the heart of every major city: corruption. And what’s a better place for police to take on corruption than in America’s favorite corruption-filled city, Chicago? (I would have chosen Hartford, but that’s be. I think even fewer people would watch The Hartford Code).
  2. It’s got Chicago – Chicago is almost its own character in the show. Not only was it filmed on site, but (off-duty) Chicago cops were used as extras in the filming. It helps the show feel much more authentic than other police procedural currently on network television (read: all of the rest).
  3. It’s created by Shawn Ryan and executive-produced by Tim Minear – Shawn Ryan: Angel. The Shield. Lie to me. Terriers. Tim Minear: Angel. Firefly. Wonderfalls. The Inside. Drive. Dollhouse. Terriers. You can be guaranteed a quality show with those two names alone.
  4. It’s got Jennifer Beals – FLASHDANCE!
  5. It’s got a great opening – Sung by Billy Corgan, lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins. Watch it here:

So what’s your answer, America? I don’t think you have one.


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