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Spring season starting and some musings

CBS and ABC have already started their spring seasons this week, though no new scripted shows have aired.

– NBC has recently bumped up the promotion for The Cape by placing, get this, capes on famous statues in New York City. Innovative? Maybe. It could be just as confusing as NBC’s thrillingly terrible Kings advertising. Either way, the show premieres this Sunday at 9pm. No major reviews are in yet, but I’ve heard from one person that it’s “probably one of the better dramas from the whole 2010-2011 cycle” and from another that it’s “the worst POS since Heroes season 4.” I’ll update you with a review later.

– The only other shows this week that premiere are Bob’s Burgers and Off the Map. The later is the Shonda Rhimes produced jungle-medical drama. Will there be McTarzan? I haven’t heard anything about the show (admittedly, soapy medical dramas aren’t really my genre of interest). I’ll watch the first episode and keep everyone posted.

Southland premiered its third season two nights ago on TNT. The fantastic cop drama failed to improve on its last season finale, scoring a mere 0.7 in the 18-49 demo. There’s a possibility that it could climb, but who knows.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting, it’s because I’m trying to get through Mad Men. It’s extremely hard to marathon and watching more than one episode a day has become a bit of a chore.


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