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Winter break television schedule

Winter break is almost a reality. A few papers here, a few exams there, and I will be free to enjoy a leisurely month of snow, mothers, Christmas ham, awkward interactions with eccentric extended family members and the ever recurring question of “do you have a job.”

While job applications are on my to-do list over the next few weeks, I also want to dedicate time to some new television series that I’m embarrassed I don’t watch. Here’s what it looks like so far:

  • Mad Men – 4 seasons, 52 episodes. The fact that I have never seen this is criminal.
  • Boardwalk Empire – 1 season, 12 episodes.
  • Justified – 1 season, 13 episodes.
  • Sons of Anarchy – 3 seasons, 39 episodes.
  • The Walking Dead – 1 season, 6 episodes.

At some point, I should eventually see and episode of Dexter or Weeds as to avoid the glances of disappointment I receive from my friends. These five should do for now.


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