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Glee – Special Education

After talking to some friends about this week’s episode of Glee, I began to wonder why exactly I was still watching the show. Obviously the production values were fantastic and the musical numbers were good. Sue is great, except when she’s marrying herself.

But why should I watch a show that can’t even remember what happened last week, or having some continuity in its character development and relationships? It’s not hard. Yet this week we’re supposed to assume that 1) Rachel and Kurt were “bitter rivals” (were they? ever?) and 2) now they’re besties even though Kurt is on a different squad. Excuse me? We’ve had one and half seasons to define the relationships of each character and then for them to grow. How many times have we seen Rachel learn her lesson, only to have her thrown back into her old ways like nothing ever happened the next week?

And can Ryan Murphy and co. decide if Will is supposed to be a) an asshole b) a manwhore or c) a caring teacher? This isn’t a product of a complicated character or ingenious writing. It’s almost like there is a giant wheel of potential Will personalities; the writer then just spins it for that week’s character. The show’s stunning lack of cohesion from week to week is extremely problematic because it creates frustration to any slightly-more-than casual viewers.

I’ll still be watching Glee, but really only for the music. I might just start downloading the songs the next day. I can’t seem to find a reason to keep up with it anymore.


One Response

  1. At this point I’m mostly watching for Emma Pillsbury’s outfits. Then again, there has not been nearly enough of her this season. I want more.

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