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The Event 1.02 – To Keep Us Safe

Grade: C-

Too Long, Didn’t Read: A failure in its logic, structure, plot and acting, To Keep Us Safe magnifies the issues with The Event‘s pilot while downsizing the few things that made it fun to watch.

The Event is a mess. Even without its “twists” and ridiculous premise, it fails many of the basic litmus tests of enjoyable television. You could write the most interesting, introspective series with plotlines that weave in and out of each other, but without realistic dialog and interesting (and likable) actors, it’s nothing. Even good acting and dialog can save a mediocre series from being something better than what’s on the page (Better With You for a recent example.)

To Keep Us Safe answers the most pressing question from the first episode – where did the plane go? Obviously there’s a large mythology here, especially with the mysterious Sophia. But why should I care? Besides my general curiosity in what makes these visitors interesting, Sophia, President Martinez and co. are so wooden and unlikable that it’s hard to take either of their sides. The mythology of Sophia’s origins and her people are the one redeeming quality of the show thus far – it could take some interesting twists that might keep viewers around for a little longer. Maybe.

Otherwise, the episode is a convoluted bore. The “tension” built only exists because of asinine decisions that the characters make and any chance to care about the main character fly out the window (I can’t even remember his name without looking it up on Wikipedia – it’s Sean). Lines like “you can’t trust anyone!” or “if you got that smile from her I guess that was a fair trade” aren’t just cringeworthy, they’re abysmal. How these scripts managed to get approved by the network are incredible (then again, this is the same network that approved Heroes season 2 through 4…)

Everything about the show reminds me of FlashForward, only without the great pilot. Tip: if you want to make a show like Lost, don’t. Don’t try to develop a show that’s highly serial for the sake of being serial. Start small and work from there, like something like Fringe. Or even start small, work towards something bigger, but still do procedural-like episodes like Supernatural.

There’s little to love about The Event, but I’m still going to watch next week. Even though everyone watched it instead of the far superior Lone Star (yes, I’m still bitter) I somehow plan on watching it next week. Is it because of the mythology? I don’t know. Maybe.



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