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Chase 1.01 – Pilot

Kelli Giddish... weren't you just in Past Life?


Genre: Action

Grade: D+

Verdict: Pass

Too Long, Didn’t Read: Chase is a Jerry Bruckheimer show. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Remember Kelli Giddish? No? Well, she was just in Fox’s canceled midseason bomb Past Life about normal people who deal with their resurrection traumas. You know, the ones that treated these occurrences like every-day issues even though it took place in a normal world? Yeah, that one. It lasted three episodes before Fox pulled it. And now, Giddish is back on our screens for yet another boring and unremarkable procedural, only this time the premise is a lot less interesting and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

(I watched the full hour of this for you guys. The least you could do would be to read the full review. Please.)

Did the world need another cop show? No, of course not. So let’s make it a U.S. Marshall show! In Texas! Things are better in Texas, right? Oh, and let’s make a woman the lead. Because even though she’s the same cookie-cutter lead from every Jerry Bruckheimer produced action/drama, this time viewers will like her more because she has a vagina!

Sorry, NBC. Creating a female lead does not instantly make Chase a cop show worth watching. Nor does putting it in Texas. Or making it based off of U.S. Marshalls instead of the local police/FBI/CIA/etc. In fact, the only difference stated between the U.S. Marshalls and police was that “they care where they’ve been, we care where they’re going!” If you just let out a sigh, you’re not the only one.

Chase tries to spice things up, because it must know it’s kind of boring, by having the setting be in Texas! Texas is fun! We can use words like “dope-slinger” and have ’em go drinkin’! Yeah! We can even have them call Kelli Giddish’s character cutesie-but-straight-Texan nicknames like “boots”! Yee-haw! So many stereotypes and clichés are thrown about during the entirety of the show that it’s hard to understand if the show thinks it’s taking place in Texas or just at a rodeo.

Maybe the rest of the script would be good? No, it’s borderline misogynistic. Just because your main character is a female (whose special female powers make her able to talk to little girls) does not mean that you can make every other female character on your show brain-dead. Take, for instance, the blonde woman who works at the pizza shop. Even though the marshalls have very clear proof that her fiancé killed multiple people and stole from them, she is steadfast that he didn’t do it and covers for him. And she confronts him about it? “It’s that guvernment that’s juust tryna turn you agaaainst me!” And then she hugs him. Really? Is this really how we’re going to portray both women and southerners?

Chase is a mess. But I’m sure it’ll do better than other shows that are actually good.


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