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9/20/10 in Ratings – The Event impresses, Lone Star DOA

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1st place: ABC

Dancing with the Stars (premiere) – 21.0 million, 5.0 in the demo

Castle (premiere) – 11.2 million, 2.8 in the demo

2nd place: CBS

How I Met Your Mother (premiere) – 8.8 million, 3.6 in the demo

Rules of Engagement (premiere) – 8.3 million, 3.1 in the demo

Two and a Half Men (premiere) – 14.5 million, 4.8 in the demo

Mike & Molly (series premiere) – 12.2 million, 3.9 in the demo

Hawaii Five-0 (series premiere) – 13.8 million, 3.8 in the demo

3rd place: NBC

Chuck (premiere) – 6.1 million, 2.1 in the demo

The Event (series premiere) – 11.2 million, 3.7 in the demo

Chase (series premiere) – 7.9 million, 2.5 in the demo

4th Place: FOX

House (premiere) – 10.5 million, 4.1 in the demo

Lone Star (series premiere) – 4.1 million, 1.3 in the demo

5th place: the CW

90210 – 2.2 million, 1.0 in the demo

Gossip Girl – 1.9 million, 1.0 in the demo

Comments: First of all, woof for Lone Star. The critical fave (and my personal fave) looks dead on arrival at Fox. It’s a shame, such a great pilot. Dancing With the Stars is easily the clear winner.

Otherwise, better than expected for The Event (especially considering the marketing push it received) and not terrible for Chase (Kelli Giddish, you’ll get more than 3 episode this time). With most of the pilots, the real test will come next week to see how much they drop (if Lone Star is even on next week. Ugh). Also, there was improvement for 90210 and Gossip Girl, which is remarkable considering the competition. Nice job, CW.

Chuck continues to live on the bubble. It wouldn’t be Chuck if there wasn’t the constant fear of cancellation.


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