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New Game of Thrones trailer

From The Hollywood Reporter

I’ve never read the books they are based on (A Song of Ice and Fire) but I am intrigued. There is a tremendous amount of buzz for this project and besides the awful CGI clouds, the production values look top notch. It’s definitely fantasy with an HBO flare. Medieval fantasy usually isn’t my thing, but it might be worth checking out.


One Response

  1. Trust me…the series transcends the fantasy genre…it is not a story for kids…it features brutal, horrific violence…lots of sex and huge battles with well drawn out characters…Mr.Martin is a very cruel writer…he kills major characters with reckless abandon ….tortures others so badly you wish sometimes he would kill them just to put them out of their….these characters are more grey than black or white…its a magnificent book series and I think HBO is doing it right….its gonna be epic…Winter Is Coming

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