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Web Therapy

Lisa Kudrow stars in Web Therapy

I’m unfortunately a little late on this one.

As the TV landscape continues to change, there is an emerging medium of work that is not from network television or even cable television. These are the web series: short, low-budget and usually free shows that premiere exclusively on the internet. With the rise of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and The Guild, web series have taken off to the point where it is important to take note of them.

In particular is Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy (you might remember her as Phoebe on a little show called Friends). First premiering in 2008, the show stars Kudrow as Fiona Wallace, the world’s worst therapist. She gives her faulty advice via webcam, providing her clients with nothing more than ramblings and self-indulgent lines of questioning. Guest actors include Rashida Jones (Parks & Recreation), Jane Lynch (Glee), Courtney Cox (Cougar Town, Friends), and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Adventures of Old ChristineSeinfeld) among others. The show has garned a significant amount of buzz, so much so that Showtime has picked up Web Therapy for its own network and will show past episodes as well as new content in the future.

I’ve been hooked on the show for the past few days. Kudrow provides down-right moronic advice delicately wrapped in blonde hair and a posh accent. Not only is Kudrow’s delivery amazingly spot on, but even the smallest of her mannerism while she attempts to contain composure are a sight to behold. The writing is top-notch with little else out on the internet (or even television in general) to compare it to.

I’ve linked the show below and highly recommend taking a look at a few of the 5-8 minute episodes. Shows like Web Therapy are on the front lines of a brand new world of episodic shows – I highly suggest you get on board.

Web Therapy


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