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What To Expect This Fall

Hey guys,

Long time no post? I know. I’ve been busy at work away from active internet access in Vermont. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been keeping up on TV news, though.

This fall, Network Exposure returns bigger and better than ever. While we launched last year during mideseason, we’re going to hit the ground running this fall. Expect review for EVERY new network television show this fall. That’s right. Not will I just be looking at potentially ground breaking shows such as My Generation, The Event, or Lonestar, I’ll also be taking a look at more procedural type shows such as Detroit 1-8-7, Body of Proof, The Whole Truth, and even the new Shonda medical drama Off The Map. Every single new network television show will be given the traditional letter grade as well as a recommendation in terms of sticking around making it easier for your viewers to pick the shows that count. Look out for more cable television shows showing up on the site. Though cable shows don’t have as traditional schedules as networks, plenty of new shows will be premiere (or reappearing) this fall. New shows such as USA’s Facing Kate, Showtime’s The Big C, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and FX’s Lights Out will be given their time as well.

Also, look out for more opinion pieces as well as more commentary on the television industry at large. It’s going to be a crazy year and I hope to bring you every minute of it.

Cya in a few weeks.

– Tyler


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