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Summer of Supernatural, Chuck, Lost and others

I’ve decided there are a few shows that I need to watch this summer before I leave for my job. Mainly Supernatural, Chuck, and Lost. I’m a little scared on the last one.

Any other ideas? I’m mainly looking for shows that have more than 1 or 2 seasons that will be on the air next fall so I can blog about them. And anything related to Gossip Girl or 90210 is a no-go.


2 Responses

  1. Burn Notice. Three seasons have aired, and it is renewed as far as Season Six, so there will be plenty of material to blog about. Show’s a lot of fun, too.

  2. Friday Night Lights. Going into it’s fifth and final season this fall; an amazing show and very easy to catch up on due to each season (aside from the first) consisting of 13 episodes.

    Do not let the football angle put you off. It’s more than anything about the characters and their journey through life in the town of Dillon.

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