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Fringe 2.22 – Over There Pt. 1

Grade: A

Last night’s episode of Fringe is what we’ve been waiting for. We’re not just spending five minutes “over there”, we’re doing a full on trip. The majority of the episode took place in the other universe that has been unfortunately interconnected with ours, and that means there’s a lot of little things to grasp. The entire “other” world is so well designed watching this episode to take it all in will be at least two viewings… and even then.

Also, you Lost fans: Watch Fringe. It’s produced by the same guy and Fringe is awesome.

It’s hard to talk about two-parters without knowing how the entire story evolves. But last night’s episode was one of the best Fringe has ever done and I’m confident that next week will be even more amazing.

First of all: we’re the bad guys. Yup, that’s right (well, kind of). Ever since Walter went into the other universe to grab Peter, the fabric between our two worlds has been permanently ruptured. Now we’re gone into the other universe (which could actually have cause thousands of causalities) to try to find Peter and bring him back… again. Are we in the right? Yes, there’s a doomsday devise, but if Walter had never stolen Peter in the first place we wouldn’t have to worry about this. I’m not sure.

Either way, the Cortexiphan children are along for the ride, and are now able to control their powers (except for pyro girl, they recasted her). And while it might sound stupid, they actually are really awesome. It’s great to see that Fringe hasn’t forgotten about these MOTWs and is trying to achieve a level of continuity. Speaking of continuity, ZFT is back.

The episode is structured extremely well. It teases us with the other universe at first and then shows us how the stories evolves to see exactly how and why our team is going over there. Being in the other universe is both intriguing and action-filled. It’s amazing that a show can make you care about a relationship that’s barely touched upon in the episode that it debuts.

Also, there’s an extremely touching sequence with Peter and his (real) mother. It’s awkward, sweet and overall tender. These are two people that should have been together their entire lives, but weren’t. Look out for it: most of the emotional moments in the show come between Peter and Walter. It’s interesting to see where this relationship goes.

Another shocker: Their universe is so much cooler than ours. Yeah, apparently a “blight” wiped out the trees, but their Olivia isn’t wooden. She’s got long red hair, a tattoo, and kick-ass. Astrid is some sort of techno-psychic (a looker?). Charlie also isn’t dead (but was infected by spiders?). They also have Martin Luther King Jr. on their 20, have red caution tape, call I.D. “show-me”s, use zepplins, have a copper Statue of Liberty, and, unfortunately, have Nixon on their quarter.

There’s one part of the show with the other universe that rub me the wrong way: what about with the displacement of matter? When they travel over, does something else come back? Didn’t something happen to Peter when he came over?

Either way, Over There part 1 is an amazing part of the Fringe mythology and solidifies the series as one of the best on television. Please watch this. You won’t be disappointed.


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