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Modern Family 1.23 – Hawaii

Grade: B+

Another ABC show is taking a trip to the island. Thankfully, there’s less time-traveling and universe whatevering than in Lost. Modern Family is going on vacation to Hawaii, and the episode proves to be more heartwarming than necessarily funny. But that’s ok, cause even when it’s not gut-busting humor, Modern Family knows where it does best.

It’s unusual that a new show would do an episode like this, with an entirely new set just on a one-shot, but Modern Family has proven to be ABC’s biggest new hit. The episode has the traditional three storyline setting that Modern Family has used in the past, this time focusing on Jay’s anxiety of his age, Phil and Claire trying to rekindle their honeymoon and Cam and Mitch fighting over sightseeing.

Like I said last week, the best thing about Modern Family is its ability to take the mundane and turn them humorous. How many families fight about what they’re going to do while they are on a trip? And how many parents spend more time worrying about their children than actually enjoying their vacation?

There were moments of pure hilarity in last night’s episode. Cam’s screams when Lily was accidentally left in the elevator were a thing of beauty. Also, the hammock scene was perfect awkward-funny, something you’d expect from The Office but not necessarily Modern Family. A definitely welcome change of pace. Also, Phil and Claire leaving the kids at the door while they go into the pool? Perfect.

I also have to say, I’m not a real fan of Manny. I don’t get that much enjoyment from watching him do grown-up things as its really only proven funny in the episode where he meets a girl for a date on the internet. Luke’s stupidity is both more endearing and better acted than Manny’s maturity. Pairing them together should have been a recipe for success but instead it kind of fell on its face.

But while the humor was a little hit-or-miss last night, it was incredibly endearing. Probably more than any other episode of Modern Family. The show always usually ends on a heartwarming moment, but tonight’s just felt right. Every couple ended up resolving differences between them, working for both the narrative and the viewer. And even though we just learned that Claire and Phil had a shotgun wedding at a courthouse (fantastic), the ending was extremely well done and makes you realize why exactly Claire is with Phil.

By no stretch of the imagination was tonight’s episode of Modern Family the best the show has ever done, but it still was a great half-hour of television. Also, get ready for next week: it’s the season finale.


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  1. I jumped on Wikipedia and read the article, but it was a lot like walking through pudding: slow going and afterward I felt kinda dirty.

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