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Chuck 3.15 – Chuck Versus the Role Models (Guest Review!)

So you said you all wanted Chuck reviews. And I’m happy to oblige! The only issue? I’ve never seen Chuck before. Well, that’ s not entirely true. I’ve seen a few episodes and really liked them but I haven’t had to time to watch two and a half seasons. That’s a summer thing. So in order to appease all of you that wanted Chuck reviews I’ve enlisted the help of my dear from Leila. She’s been wonderful to provide a review of last Monday’s episode during finals well, so give her a hand in the comments!

Grade: B-/B

Ok so first  – I love Chuck. Chuck is everything I want and want to be. He’s goofy, smart, AND A SPY. How could you not love it? That said, I was worried about where things were going now that Chuck and Sarah are together. Normally, you try to keep the couple apart as long as possible because once that sexual tension is gone, the story tends to go with it. But Chuck and Sarah seem to be doing well as a couple. While this was not the strongest episode compared to others in the season, it was still enjoyable and light – maybe exactly what we needed after the intense Shaw/Ring episodes.

Guest Stars Fred Willard (who seems to be everywhere on TV lately, right?) and Swoosie Kurtz as the Turners added to this lightheartedness. As per General Beckman’s orders, Chuck and Sarah are to observe and learn from the Turners – CIA super agents and super couple. However we soon learn that they are dysfunctional and not the role models Chuck and Sarah hoped for. Even then, we still see in the end that Chuck and Sarah are a great couple and great partners.

While Chuck and Sarah were facing tigers and a drunk Mrs. Turner, Casey has a much harder assignment: to train new team addition, Morgan – which Beckman calls “a diamond in the rough, very very rough – but I’m sure you’ll make him sparkle.” I personally like the Casey-Morgan duo. Their friendship also seems to be growing on each other. Although they seem dysfunctional, they turn out to be a great pair, as well. I hope that Team Bartowski doesn’t stay divided. Casey needs to get back in the field and stop wasting his time at the Buy More. And I don’t know what I think about Morgan becoming a real spy. The show needs to maintain its balance between the fun comedy and the intense spy missions. Also, if he can get his training done in Burbank’s local Buy More – why can’t I be a spy?

With Ellie and Awesome (or Dr. Super Fantastic White Person) in Africa doing Doctors Without Borders, I thought we wouldn’t see them for a while, but their story line really brought the episode back to its spy side and made my jaw drop. Just when we think that the Ring has been ‘neutralized’ so to speak, we find out that Awesome has somehow caught himself up in the middle of yet another Ring operation. Poor Awesome, this can’t be good for his mental health – or physical health for that matter: the last thing we see of Awesome is him shaking on gurney, being shipped back to the States for treatment. And based on what the Ring agent said, it seems like Ellie might start getting involved in all this spy business.

So, overall not the most intense episode, but it reminds me a lot of episodes from the previous seasons, since it was a fun one-episode-story (with the exception of Awesome and the Ring). I’m both excited and nervous to see how Team Bartowski will function in the coming episodes. Now that Chuck is with Sarah, there is no tension or internal struggle for Chuck, which might be a good thing, given that he can focus on being a spy? And that he’s finally happy? Well, Chuck and Sarah are moving in together which will be interesting, considering spy rules such the “30 foot rule.” The show also suggests that Chuck and Sarah are going to be the next “Turners.” As Willard said: “I wish you many happy marriages.”


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