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5/5/10 in TV


8pm – The Middle (repeat)

The Final Four: Episode Synopsis: Mr. Ehlert gives Mike two tickets to the Final Four, but the college-basketball game is the same day as the funeral for Frankie’s uncle.

8:30pm – The Middle (NEW)

Mother’s Day: Marsha Mason guest stars as Frankie’s mother, Pat, in a Mother’s Day episode that finds the matriarchs more put upon than pampered. Meanwhile, Sue steals a motivational magnet from a store and winds up feeling guilty about it.

9pm – Modern Family (NEW)

Airport 2010: Gloria surprises Jay for his birthday with a trip to Hawaii, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving at the airport when the entire Pritchett clan is invited to come along.

9:30pm – Cougar Town (NEW)

Feel a Whole Lot Better: Jules and Grayson ponder a “friends with benefits” relationship; Andy hires a nanny; Bobby hatches an unusual moneymaking scheme that yields dividends for Travis.

10pm – Happy Town (NEW)

I Came to Haplin for the Waters: A shaken Tommy reluctantly agrees to become sheriff and also uncovers Jerry Friddle’s murderer; Henley, who may know more about Haplin’s dark side than she should, is determined to access the boarding house’s forbidden third-floor room.


8pm – The New Adventures of Old Christine (NEW)

Scream: New Christine goes into labor. Meanwhile, Christine believes that a prowler is lurking in the neighborhood, so she persuades Matthew to stay at her place. Tim Meadows guest stars.

8:30pm – The Big Bang Theory (repeat)

The Excelsior Aquisition: Episode Synopsis: Sheldon misses an opportunity to meet comics mogul Stan Lee, who appears in a cameo, when he has to go to traffic court after getting a ticket because of Penny.

9pm – Criminal Minds (NEW)

A Thousand Words: A serial killer commits suicide and leaves clues identifying a person he abducted who could still be alive. NFL player Greg Jennings plays an evidence technician.

10pm – CSI: NY (NEW)

Tales from the Undercard: The CSIs investigate the underground world of hardcore fighting after a slab of concrete starts bleeding in midtown for no apparent reason.


8pm – Lie to Me (repeat)

Control Factor: While vacationing in Mexico, Cal and Emily get involved in the case of a missing American woman. Back in D.C., Foster and Cal’s rival, Jack Rader (Marc Blucas), investigates tainted blood in area hospitals.

9pm – American Idol (NEW)

One of the final five singers is eliminated. Harry Connick Jr. and Lady Gaga perform.


8pm – Minute to Win It (repeat)

Players face off against one another in several challenges, and the last one standing moves on to compete for $1 million.

9pm – Mercy (NEW)

Too Much Attitude and Not Enough Underwear: Veronica and Sands must make a crucial game-changing decision in the wake of their friend’s arrival. Meanwhile, Chloe worries about the health of her football-playing flame; Briggs reconnects with his ex-girlfriend (Jennifer Esposito) while he worries that his association with the mob may have precipitated a violent act.

10pm – Law & Order: SVU (repeat)

Wannabe: A rookie cop helps detectives catch a flasher suspected of rape. However, ADA Marlowe is uncertain they have the right man in custody, and soon it becomes clear that the rookie has been hiding something.

The CW:

8pm – America’s Next Top Model (NEW)

Hobbits vs. Models: The five remaining models participate in a five-frame photo shoot on the set of “The Lord of the Rings” in New Zealand and meet actress Sarah McLeod. Tyra is the photographer for the main photo shoot. At panel, one girl is eliminated.

9pm – Fly Girls (NEW)

The Third Wheel (1st ep): Mandy, Tasha and Louise party in Miami Beach. Back in Marina del Rey, Nikole’s boyfriend moves into the ladies’ apartment while he searches for a place to live, but his living habits aren’t a match for Farrah.

9:30pm – Fly Girls (NEW)

Unexpected Departures (2nd ep): The first season concludes with Tasha and Mandy auditioning to be models for an airline ad campaign. Meanwhile, Farrah informs the girls that she needs to move on in her life and career; and Nikole receives a tempting in-flight proposition.


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