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5/4/10 in TV


8pm – Dancing With the Stars (NEW)

The seventh-round results show. Included: Train perform two songs; and Cirque du Soleil perform to a medley of two Elvis classics.

9pm – Lost (NEW)

The Candidate: Jack questions Locke’s motives after he’s asked to perform a tough task.

10pm – V (NEW)

Hearts and Minds: A deadly V tracker team is dispatched to find Erica, Ryan, Father Jack and Hobbes; Anna issues an invitation to Tyler for the Live Aboard Program; Chad asks Father Jack about the Fifth Column.


8pm – NCIS (NEW)

Obsession: The sister of a murder victim disappears, and Tony throws himself into the case as he’s drawn to the woman, though they have never met.

9pm – NCIS: Lost Angeles (NEW)

Found: Months after Dom’s abduction, the team receives video evidence that he’s being held hostage, and they race to rescue him.

10pm – The Good Wife (NEW)

Mock: Peter’s electronic monitor sounds off when he chases Alicia out of their apartment and their kids try to figure out a way to cover for him so he won’t be arrested and sent back to prison.


8pm – American Idol (NEW)

The five remaining singers perform from the songbook of Frank Sinatra. Harry Connick Jr. is the guest mentor.

9pm – Glee (NEW)

Bad Reputation: Will responds to a rumor about the glee kids that has spread around McKinley High. Meanwhile, Sue is embarrassed by a video of her performing the Olivia Newton-John song “Physical.” Newton-John has a cameo as herself.


8pm – The Biggest Loser: Couples (NEW)

The final six contestants receive makeovers, which include a $1000 shopping spree and a salon visit with stylist Jonathan Antin. After the transformations, the players reveal their new looks to family and friends and attend a concert by Ashanti. Later, the contestants are suspended over a pool while working out on cardio machines.

10pm – Parenthood (NEW)

Namaste No More: Crosby and Jasmine attempt to explain their relationship to Jabbar; Adam and Kristina try to make new friends; Sarah finds out about Zeek’s money woes; Julia takes a coaching job on Sydney’s soccer team; Haddie asks Amber for relationship advice.

The CW:

8pm – 90210 (NEW)

Meet the Parent: Naomi and Jen clash once again; Teddy takes Silver to meet his dad, Spence (Ryan O’Neal), and it doesn’t go as planned; Navid realizes he still cares for Adrianna; Adrianna records a song with pop star Javier Luna (Diego Boneta); and the Wilsons deal with their family issues.

9pm – Life Unexpected (repeat)

Family Therapized: Lux, Cate and Baze are on their best behavior in front of a social worker reevaluating Lux’s custody situation. Meanwhile, Cate tries to win points with Lux by getting Bug a job at the radio station.


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