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5/3/10 in TV


8pm – Dancing With the Stars (NEW)

The seventh week of performances. Included: a team cha-cha challenge, performed to the music of Lady Gaga and Madonna.

9pm – Romantically Challenged (NEW)

Perry and Rebecca’s High School Reunion: Rebecca and Perry attend their high-school reunion, where a prom-night humiliation haunts Rebecca. Meanwhile, Shawn romances Lisa’s friend Vanessa because her cable system carries the hockey championship games and his system doesn’t.

10pm – Castle (NEW)

Food to Die For: Beckett and Castle investigate the death of a big-name chef found frozen in a restaurant’s kitchen. Meanwhile, Castle finds himself attracted to the restaurant’s owner, who just happens to be an old friend of Beckett’s. Rocco DiSpirito appears as himself.


8pm – How I Met Your Mother (NEW)

Twin Beds: Ted and Barney fight, claiming they both love Robin, while Robin realizes she’s over them; and Lily and Marshall decide to get twin beds.

8:30pm – Rules of Engagement (NEW)

The Surrogate: Jeff and Audrey consider hiring a surrogate mother (Jaime Pressly); and Russell is merciless in ridiculing Jen and Adam’s wedding Web site.

9pm – The Big Bang Theory (NEW)

The Spaghetti Catalyst: Sheldon tells a lie to appease Penny and Leonard, who aren’t speaking to each other, but then he gets caught.

9:30 – The Big Band Theory (repeat)

The Einstein Approximation: Newton had his apple. Sheldon has cheesecake. An impasse in his work leads Sheldon to get a job working with Penny at a restaurant known for that dessert.

10pm – CSI: Miami

Meltdown: A jewelry heist results in murder. During the investigation, evidence is stolen from the lab, and Delko locates the culprit.


8pm – House (NEW)

The Choice: A woman (Eva Amurri) questions her ailing fiancé about a past relationship while House and his team try to diagnose him. Away from the hospital, House, Foreman and Chase pay homage to Gladys Knight and the Pips, karaoke-style.

9pm – 24 (NEW)

Day 8: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Jack is hell-bent on avenging the loss of his partner, Renee Walker, and President Taylor fights to keep the fragile peace process alive.


8pm – Chuck (NEW)

Chuck Versus the Role Models: Chuck and Sarah train under the tutelage of a married CIA team (Fred Willard and Swoosie Kurtz), who have a glowing record together but despise one another. In another training mission, Casey must show the spy ropes to an unlikely student—Morgan.

9pm – Law & Order (repeat)

Human Flesh Search Engine: An investigation into the death of a fashion company owner leads to a threatening website.

10pm – Law & Order (NEW)

Crashers: The star teams must produce three radio commercials for a home-services company, but there’s static when one celebrity expresses doubt about another’s ability.

The CW:

8pm – One Tree Hill (NEW)

Learning to Fall: Alex uncovers a secret about her costar that could negatively impact Julian’s film. Meanwhile, Brooke faces the aftermath of Alexander’s liaison with her mom; Clay encounters a manic Katie; and Haley and Nathan cope in the wake of her mother’s death.

9pm – Gossip Girl (NEW)

It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad World: William’s presence in town continues to cause conflict. Meanwhile, tension mounts between Serena and Jenny; Blair checks out campus life at Columbia; and Dan uncovers another secret Vanessa has been hiding.


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