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5/2/10 in TV


8pm – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (NEW)

Carr Family: A Texas couple who adopted special-needs children from Kazakhstan have their cramped and dangerous home rebuilt by the team and celebrity volunteer Bill Engvall. Surfer Bethany Hamilton, whose lost an arm in a shark attack, accompanies the family on vacation in Hawaii.

9pm – Desperate Housewives (NEW)

A Little Late Night Music: Angie’s past catches up with her when she encounters her ex (John Barrowman). Meanwhile, Gaby and Susan scheme against Carlos and Mike; and Bree meets a woman (Linda Purl) who knows Sam very well.

10pm – Brothers & Sisters (NEW)

Love All: Kevin has trouble adjusting to being unemployed; the progression of Sarah and Luc’s relationship causes Cooper to misbehave; Justin’s enthusiasm for studying medicine pales in comparison with his military service in Iraq.


8pm – The Amazing Race (NEW)

Don’t They Even Understand Their Own Language: The remaining four teams continue to race in Shanghai and struggle with the language barrier as they sort through hundreds of golden Buddhas and thousands of Chinese stamps to earn a clue. One team is eliminated at the pit stop.

9pm – Cold Case (1 of 2) (NEW)

Almost Paradise: Part 1 of 2. The 1989 death of a prom queen who was the victim of a potentially deliberate hit-and-run accident is investigated. Meanwhile, Lilly’s troubled sister (Nicki Aycox) shows up, but Lilly refuses her dad’s request to give her a second chance.

10pm – Cold Case (2 of 2) (NEW)

Shattered: Conclusion. The seventh-season finale sees Lilly searching for her abducted sister (Nicki Aycox). Meanwhile, Jeffries attempts to solve a murder involving a teenage girl that has haunted him for 17 years. Music by the Rolling Stones is featured.


8pm – The Simpsons (NEW)

To Surveil With Love: Springfield is plunged into an Orwellian nightmare when surveillance cameras are installed everywhere to beef up security after a supposed terrorist attack. Meanwhile, Lisa faces hair-color prejudice.

8:30pm – The Cleveland Show (NEW)

Brotherly Love: Cleveland Jr. challenges Stoolbend hip-hop king Kenny West (voice of Kanye West) to a rap showdown to win the heart of a girl (voice of Taraji P. Henson). Meanwhile, Terry and Cleveland go into business together.

9pm – Family Guy (NEW)

Brian & Stewie: Brian and Stewie are locked in a bank vault together, and must deal with each other in new ways. Previously unaired musical segments follow the episode (the series’ 150th).


8pm – Minute to Win It (NEW)

9pm – The Celebrity Apprentice (NEW)

The star teams must produce three radio commercials for a home-services company, but there’s static when one celebrity expresses doubt about another’s ability.

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