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DVD Throwback: Kings

So it’s Friday! Every single Friday, I’m going to post a show that either ended or is canceled that you should buy on DVD. This week it’s NBC’s canceled epic, Kings.

NBC's Canceled Epic - Kings

Kings a modern retelling of the Biblical narrative of David and Goliath. It takes place in the modern absolute monarchy of Gibloa. The main character is David Shepherd (played by Christopher Egan) who represents the character of David. He’s an idealic young soldier who, after taking down a “Goliath” tank form a warring enemy of Gath, becomes a national hero. However, issues arise when David is posed to become the new King of Gilboa, posing threats to King Silas Benjamin (Ian McShane).

The show is beautifully shot, with expensive sets that are amazingly detailed. Gilboa is extremely well realized and believable, creating an engaging world that draws you in. The writing is also excellent, drawing on the Biblical narrative that balances potential hubris and potential silliness. It’s never thinks of itself as the most important work on television but also isn’t, well, dumb.

Kings was dead on arrival for the get-go. Sad as it is, the American public isn’t going to want to watch a smart television show that is a re imagining of a Biblical narrative. It was somewhat foolish for NBC to put all of its chips into the show, but I’m happy that it existed. It wasn’t made for network TV and probably would have found a better home on HBO or FX. Oh well, thankfully we got 13 amazing episodes out of it.

And if you want to buy the DVD on Amazon for $26.99 (it’s totally worth it):



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