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4/29/10 Ratings

Ratings for Thusrday, April 29th.

1st place: CBS

Survivor – 12.6 million, 4.0 in the demo

CSI – 13.5 million, 3.0 in the demo

The Mentalist – 14.7 million, 3.2 in the demo

2nd place: ABC

FlastForward – 5.1 million, 1.5 in the demo

Grey’s Anatomy – 10.3 million, 3.8 in the demo

Private Practice – 7.8 million, 3.0 in the demo

3rd place: NBC

Community – 4.6 million, 2.0 in the demo

Parks & Recreation – 4.3 million, 2.0 in the demo

The Office – 7.1 million, 3.6 in the demo

30 Rock – 5.7 million, 2.9 in the demo

The Marriage Ref – 4.4 million, 2.0 in the demo

4th place: FOX

Bones – 9.1 million, 2.6 in the demo

Fringe – 5.6 million, 2.0 in the demo

5th place: the CW

The Vampire Diaries – 3.4 million, 1.6 in the demo

Supernatural – 2.4 million, 1.1 in the demo

Thoughts: If any FlashForward fans thought that there was a chance that their show might be saved, start packing your bags. It was one of only two shows last night that actually dropped from last week. Considering the expense of the show and its dismal ratings, it won’t be coming back (interesting: ABC premiered with two of the largest openings for any of the new dramas this year, FlashForward and V. It also looks like neither will be coming back, go figure).

If Fringe hadn’t already been renewed, I would be a little scared. I’m still surprised it got a 22 episode pick up (I don’t care either way, I love the show). Really though, FOX needs to move the show off of Thursdays and probably back onto Tuesdays. It was an interesting experiment that put a lot of faith in the show, but it obviously isn’t performing compared to the juggernauts that are CSI and even 30 Rock.

Also interesting: Every single show besides FlashForward that is on Thursdays will most likely be getting renewed. Woop woop.


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