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What’s gonna be renewed and canceled? Here’s your guide…

So, you have your favorite bubble television show that you don’ t know will survive or not. Have no fear, Tyler’s here to put you at ease (or tell you your favorite show isn’t coming back… sorry, someone had to do it). Here’s everyone’s statuses plus my personal opinions on their renewal chances. Check it out, after the jump.

The Bachelor –  Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 15
Better Off TedDefinitely not coming back. CANCELED
Brothers & Sisters – Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 6
CastleRENEWED for Season 3
Cougar Town – RENEWED for Season 2
Dancing with the Stars – Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 11
The Deep End – Definitely not coming back. CANCELED
Desperate Housewives – Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 7
FlashForwardDefinitely not coming back. Thank god. CANCELED
The ForgottenDefinitely not coming back. But does anyone care? CANCELED
Grey’s Anatomy – Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 7

Happy Town Probably not coming back. Definitely not coming back.
Lost – Final Season.
The MiddleRENEWED for Season 2
Modern Family – RENEWED for Season 2
Private Practice – Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 4
ScrubsProbably not coming back. CANCELED
V Probably not coming back. I’m wrong. RENEWED for Season 2

Commentary: ABC is going to be bringing back most of its comedies except for Hank, Scrubs and Better off Ted. All three of its shows with sci-fi and fantasy elements most likely aren’t coming back (sorry Happy Town, FlashForward and V… actually, no I’m not). ABC has been unable to capture the Lost fans into another sizable sci-fi show. Then again, their quality has been pretty poor but who knows if they’ll try again. Most of pilots that they will give the 13 ep go will most likely be dramas with a big fight for the few comedy spots they have left (my money goes to Wright vs. Wrong with Debra Messing, it’s supposed to be hilarious).

Accidentally on Purpose – Not sure. Depends on strength of comedy pilots. CANCELED
The Amazing RaceRENEWED for Season 17 (Damn).
The Big Bang TheoryRENEWED for Season 4
Cold Case – Probably not coming back. CANCELED
Criminal Minds – Safe bet.
CSI – Safe bet.
CSI: Miami – Safe bet.
CSI: NY – Safe bet.
Gary Unmarried – Safe bet. CANCELED
Ghost Whisperer – Safe bet. CANCELED
The Good WifeRENEWED for Season 2
How I Met Your Mother – RENEWED for Season 6
Medium – Probably not coming back, but it might have a chance. It’s already reached syndication threshold, though. RENEWED for Season 7
The Mentalist – Safe bet.

Miami Medical – Probably not coming back. CANCELED
NCIS – Safe bet.
NCIS: Los AngelesRENEWED for Season 2
New Adventures of Old Christine – If not, it almost will definitely be picked up by ABC. CANCELED
Numb3rs – Probably not. CANCELED
Rules of Engagement – Probably not, but maybe (I know, not much of an answer right?) RENEWED for Season 5
SurvivorRENEWED for Season 21 AND 22
Three RiversCANCELED
Two and a Half MenRENEWED for Season 7 AND 8 (but Charlie Sheen might want out?)

Commentary: CBS, probably the least inspired of all of the networks (personally, I can’t wait for CSI: Lewisburg). Most of its bubble shows really do depend on the strength of their pilots and I’ve heard good things about them. For all you Christine fans out there, don’t be discouraged if CBS doesn’t renew the series – ABC has been eyeing it for a while. I think it would fit perfectly in its Wednesday comedy night. A night of Courtney Cox AND Julia Louis-Dryfus? Also, ordering another season for Christine will give CBS (or ABC) the coveted 100 episode syndication threshold. That’s important for networks and usually gets shows past that mark. Rules of Engagement is a bit trickier – it’s not pulling the ratings that it wants to, but still has had a loyal fanbase over the base 4 years (though it has less than 50 episodes. Odd). My guess is that most of the new CBS shows are going to be crappy procedurals that no one cares about (except that people do. Does anyone really watch all three CSIs AND both NCISes)?

24You’re out of time, Bauer (that means CANCELED).
Brothers – Definitely not coming back. CANCELED
American Dad RENEWED for Season 6
American Idol – I mean… really? Yes, it is more than a safe bet. RENEWED for Season 10
BonesRENEWED for Season 6
The Cleveland ShowRENEWED for Season 2
DollhouseCANCELED (and I write that with such a heavy heart).
Family GuyRENEWED for Season 9
FringeRENEWED for Season 3 (I’m honestly slightly surprised it happened so early, but I’m stoked either way).
GleeRENEWED for Season 2
House – Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 7
Human TargetThe network likes the show, but I’m gonna say it’s probably not gonna make it. I was wrong. RENEWED for Season 2
Lie to Me – Safe bet. On the bubble.  RENEWED for Season 3
The SimpsonsRENEWED for Season 22 (Again… Damn)


Sons of Tuscon – Definitely not coming back CANCELED

Commentary: First of all, let’s take a minute to pay our respects to Dollhouse, the smartest drama that was on network TV these past two seasons. However, it got canceled. So is life. But all is good, Joss Whedon is now directing The Avengers movie and Amy Acker is on Happy Town (one of those was sarcastic, take a guess).

Fox mostly works in the “sexy dramas that can be funny and have charismatic characters, but are really procedural”. Most of their stuff is very well written for the main characters yet the same damn thing happens every week. Think House, Sue Sylvester, Bones and Booth, Dr. Lightman… I’m actually surprised Castle isn’t on Fox. There aren’t as many holes in Fox’s lineup as the other networks, especially dramas. However, Fox only ordered 4 drama pilots so don’t expect much turn over (I really hope Midland gets picked up. They say it’s great but might not match the network brand. Meh). Overall, nothing too major on this compared to other networks.

30 RockRENEWED for Season 5
The Biggest Loser – Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 10
The ApprenticeRENEWED for Season 10
Chuck – Most likely. I hope so. RENEWED for Season 4
CommunityRENEWED for Season 2. Surprisingly.
Friday Night LightsRENEWED for Season 5 (final season)
HeroesNow THIS is interesting. The show’s ratings have been lackluster (as has the entire creative energy of the show, so that doesn’t help) but it’s 23 episodes away from reaching the 100 episode mark for serious syndication. What does NBC do? Heroes is an expensive show, but syndication is a powerful force. Getting canned in the 4th season is pretty rare because of it, but who knows. CANCELED
Law & OrderRENEWED for Season 21. UNRENEWED for season 21 aka CANCELED
Law & Order: SVU – Safe bet. RENEWED for Season 12
MercyProbably not coming back. Depends on NBC’s pilot strength but they probably want to clean house. Gonna be Mercy killed. Har Har, get it? CANCELED
The OfficeRENEWED for Season 7.
ParenthoodRENEWED for Season 2.
Parks and RecreationRENEWED for Season 3.
Trauma – Definitely not coming back. CANCELED

Commentary: Ahhhh, NBC, you devil. Probably the worst run network of the big 4, you don’t know what you’re doing. You also suck (I’m on Team Coco, btw). Now that there is a 10pm spot every single night, NBC has a lot of room to grow. They also ordered the most pilots out of any other network (21, to be exact). My money is that they’ve pretty much renewed all the shows they’re going to renew, minus potentially Chuck and Heroes. Both are more brand names than, say, Trauma or Mercy (which have only lasted this long because of the Coco debacle).

However, there is some hope for NBC. JJ Abram’s pilot The Undercovers is apparently a smash-hit in the test audiences. The question for NBC is, does it get paired with Chuck or Heroes? The spy show would be going on the night that 24 has been on if paired with either. I’d say Chuck, but where does that put Heroes (Heroes could still be on Monday, but I’m guessing it gets pulled)? Heroes could be paired with The Cape, a super-hero pilot that’s been getting a ton of buzz. They could try to make a genre night, but my thought is that the only night they could do that would be on a Friday (NBC: it didn’t work for Terminator and a Joss Whedon show on Fox. It’s not gonna work for you).

Besides that, look for the most new shows next season to be from NBC. Despite the network being a poorly run mess, the NBC pilots look like they have the most promise.

90210RENEWED for Season 3.
America’s Next Top ModelRENEWED for Season 15 AND 16.

Fly Girls – Definitely not coming back.
Gossip GirlRENEWED for Season 4.

High Society Definitely not coming back.
Life Unexpected – It’s either this or One Tree Hill. My bets are on Life Unexpected. RENEWED for Season 2
Melrose Place – Definitely not coming back. CANCELED
One Tree Hill – I’m gonna say that Life Unexpected gets renewed over this. RENEWED for Season 8
SmallvilleRENEWED for Season 10.
SupernaturalRENEWED for Season 6.
The Vampire DiariesRENEWED for Season 2.

Commentary: The CW is in an interesting pickle. They have a niche (18-29 year old girls)…these people just don’t happen to watch that much TV. Beyond Supernatural (and The Vampire Diaries... at times) their shows are vapid, shallow, and devoid of any merit. Life Unexpected is actually pretty good, so I think that will earn it the spot over One Tree Hill.

In terms of pilots, Nikita (a remake of the actually solid La Femme Nikita) is the pilot that the network seems most excited about. If it can have the same level of thought provoking-ness that the original can have, it’s a definite must watch (but this is the CW, so it probably won’t). BeTwixt is another pilot that’s getting a lot of buzz. Some show based off of some girl in a trailer park about magic. I dunno. Doesn’t sound too interesting and the books that it’s based off of look horrendous.

Though, I guess that’s what they think their target audience wants. I’ve yet to see an unattractive person on a CW show ever. If someone can get a screenshot of one,  you get 10 life points.

So that’s that. I’ll keep it updated for y’all. Questions? Concerns? Lemme know.


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