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Oh hello

You’ve found my blog.

Who am I? My name is Tyler. I’m a college student. And I like TV. A lot. It’s sort of an obsession. Not just watching TV, but everything about the business. Upfronts, Neilsen Ratings, the merits of DVR and Hulu to advertisers… It’s quite an amazing medium.

So what’s this blog going to be about? I’ll be posting reviews to my favorite TV shows, right now that consists of Caprica, Modern Family, Fringe, Glee and some others. I need to start getting into more shows since my favorite tends to get canceled. I’ll be posting information on ratings, as well as the occasional review of random shows. I want to know what I need to get into to review (I think it’s a bit too late for LOST at this point).

Also, since it’s almost upfront season, I’ll be posting on that to give you all the details.

Want me to review a show? Post about it in the comments. I want to hear your thoughts. And with that… I’m off.


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